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    Understanding the Complexities of Chronic Pain

    Last updated 5 years ago

    In many ways, chronic back pain can be more traumatic than the injury that caused it. While a sudden injury has an expected trajectory of healing, chronic back pain can become a frustrating prospect with no recovery in sight. The ability of chronic pain to ebb and flow over months or years makes it difficult for sufferers to decide whether they should seek treatment. If you have chronic back pain, the following information can help you better understand your condition.

    Why Chronic Pain Occurs
    Under some circumstances, chronic back pain stems from an initial injury. Car accidents, slip and fall incidents, and sports injuries can all lead to chronic pain. Some individuals may experience ongoing pain for less apparent reasons. In some cases, pain results from repetitive motions that gradually compromise the spinal column’s health. For instance, a job that requires heavy lifting on a daily basis may cause chronic pain. Chronic pain can also develop from no apparent cause at all, as is the case for many who sit at a desk for hours at a time.

    What Chronic Pain Does to Sufferers
    The primary effect of chronic pain is having to cope with ongoing discomfort. This discomfort can have other repercussions as well. The constant battle against chronic back pain can leave sufferers depressed or withdrawn. It may impact other physical aspects as well; studies have found that ongoing pain may adversely affect a person’s immune system.

    How Chronic Pain Can Be Treated
    No matter its cause, chronic pain can be successfully managed. A back specialist has at his disposal a diverse array of treatment options that can provide lasting relief for back pain. From joint injections and nerve blocks, to disc decompression and vertebral augmentation, multiple pain management techniques are available for those who require medical intervention for their chronic back pain.

    Let SpineOne help you conquer your chronic pain issues. Our team of back specialists has the compassion and abilities necessary to effectively relieve your ongoing back or neck pain. For more information on the services that our Denver facility provides, call (888) 721-0459.

    Use This App to Strengthen the Core Muscles That Support Your Back

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Physician-approved activities that strengthen the core muscles can also reduce back pain. The Ultimate Core Workout Free by Global Nomad Apps offers back pain sufferers a wide range of core strengthening exercises.

    The Ultimate Core Workout Free app allows users to choose from among numerous exercise options that all focus on the core muscles. These muscles provide support for the spinal column, and by strengthening the core, back pain sufferers can diminish chronic discomfort. The application also has features that afford users the opportunity to exercise to music or have their workout sessions recorded for future evaluation.

    Do you suffer from back pain? SpineOne of Denver can put you on the path to a pain-free future with our pain management services. To make an appointment with a back specialist, call (888) 721-0459.

    Tips for Relieving Sacroiliac Joint Pain

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Are you experiencing sacroiliac joint pain? This condition, which stems from injury or inflammation where the sacrum meets the pelvic bone, can produce tremendous lower back pain for sufferers. Virtually any movement can aggravate this type of discomfort, causing individuals to refrain from everyday activities such as standing or walking. While the reasons behind sacroiliac joint pain vary, blunt force against the joint, cartilage deterioration, and arthritis are all common sources of discomfort. To alleviate sacroiliac joint pain, consider the following pain management options:

    Seek Massage Treatment
    If the muscles in the lower back are tense, they can contribute to sacroiliac joint pain. As a result, back specialists often recommend massage therapy for the abatement of symptoms. When performed by a qualified specialist, massage can relax the muscles around the sacroiliac joint and provide needed back pain relief for sufferers. 

    Ask Your Doctor About Heat Therapy
    Heat allows blood vessels in the sacroiliac joint to expand and provide more oxygen and relief to tissues. When sacroiliac joint pain flares, providing heat therapy can quickly alleviate discomfort. A heating pad can suffice for some sufferers, as can a warm shower. If sacroiliac joint pain is an ongoing issue, access to a whirlpool can be of great benefit.

    Consider Anti-Inflammatory Injections
    If conservative measures—such as heat therapy and massage—are not effective enough to reduce discomfort, individuals with sacroiliac joint pain may want to consider speaking with a back specialist. Minimally invasive procedures, including anti-inflammatory injections, can lessen symptoms on a greater scale and for a longer duration.

    Sacroiliac joint pain doesn’t have to be a regular part of your life. SpineOne has provided lasting relief for sacroiliac joint pain sufferers in the greater Denver, Lone Tree, and Aurora communities since 2000. To find out more about our neck pain and back pain treatment options, call (888) 721-0459 or visit our website. We can help you enjoy a future without pain.

    How SpineOne Can Help with Sports Injuries

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Sports injuries are a common cause of back pain. At SpineOne, we have extensive experience treating sports-related back and neck injuries, including those resulting from running, biking, golf, tennis, and weightlifting. You’ll first receive diagnostic testing, such as X-rays or MRI, to evaluate your injury and identify the cause of your pain. Your physician then will develop a personalized treatment plan for safe and effective recovery and supervise each step of the process. At our rehab center, you’ll work with a physical therapist to learn exercises to strengthen your body and improve flexibility and mobility after your injury. SpineOne’s surgery center offers state-of-the-art care including joint injections, endoscopic decompression, and laser-assisted discectomy procedures. Once your recovery is complete, you’ll work with your physician to develop a routine of stretching and strengthening to prevent future sports injuries from affecting your game.

    At SpineOne, we offer the latest in diagnostic and treatment techniques for back and neck pain. Check out our website to read more about how we can help you recover quickly and prevent future problems. Schedule your appointment with us by calling (888) 721-0459 today.

    What You Need to Know About SpineOne's Physical Therapy Program

    Last updated 5 years ago

    At SpineOne, we are dedicated to the health of your spine. Our in-house physical therapy program focuses on rebuilding strength and flexibility after injury or disease over the course of your eight to twelve week recovery. You will experience a personalized physical therapy program designed specifically to address both your current and future needs.

    Personal Evaluation

    The first step in SpineOne’s physical therapy program is a personalized evaluation. Your physical therapist will examine your current condition and evaluate your pain. They will develop a physical therapy regimen that focuses on a set of personalized goals for your recovery and rehabilitation. This program includes both physical therapy appointments and exercises for you to perform at home. During the entire process, your physical therapist remains in close contact with your physician to ensure your therapy adheres to your physician’s treatment guidelines.

    Constant Communication

    During your physical therapy program at SpineOne, your physical therapist and physician will remain in constant contact with you and each other. This allows your therapist to affect immediate changes to your program to accommodate any updates in your treatment plan. SpineOne will work with you to coordinate diagnostics and physical therapy to ensure your treatment schedule meshes with your work or home schedule. If you have questions about your recovery, you can contact either your physician or physical therapist for an immediate and accurate answer.

    Transition to Health

    As your treatment progresses, your physical therapist will help you transition to a more active lifestyle. They will also develop a maintenance plan which includes instructions and exercises to prevent future injuries or recurrence of pain. As you finish your therapy program, you will also learn how to transition safely to normal gym or workout activities. 

    Care at SpineOne focuses on developing the right treatment plan for your needs to eliminate back and neck pain from your life. Discover what we can do for you by calling (888) 721-0459 to meet with a spine specialist or physical therapist today. Click through our blog for more articles about our treatment programs in Denver, CO.

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