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Winter Safety Tips to Save Your Back

Last updated 4 years ago

Living in a snowy climate has its perks; it’s ideal for winter sports enthusiasts and it’s beautiful when snow blankets the trees. Unfortunately, wintry weather can also be hazardous to your back health. There are a few winter hazards to be aware of, such as slipping on ice and straining your back from shoveling. If you do experience back pain or neck pain, it’s important to see a back specialist promptly to restore your health.

Shovel Snow Wisely
If you’ve already injured your back or you have another medical condition, it may be best to hire someone else to clear the snow from your driveway. Otherwise, pace yourself and take frequent breaks. If the forecast calls for snowfall over an extended period of time, start shoveling early; it’s better to shovel a few inches of snow at a time than a foot or two all at once. Use proper form while shoveling. Distribute your weight evenly by bending at your knees and hips. Avoid twisting your back to throw snow on a pile; instead, turn your whole body.

Decrease Your Risk of a Fall
Even if you have excellent balance and coordination, you’re still at risk of falling down and injuring your back in the winter. Reduce your risk of a fall by wearing boots with rubber soles in the winter. Consider placing a pair of removable ice grippers over your boots for added traction. When walking outdoors, walk slowly and take small steps. Remember to distribute rock salt over your walkways and driveway.

Act Quickly in the Event of an Injury
If you do fall down or strain your back while shoveling, see a back specialist for a treatment plan. The back specialist may recommend X-rays to rule out a slipped disc or vertebral fracture. If you have a soft tissue injury, applying ice several times per day for the first few days can help reduce inflammation and alleviate back pain. The back specialist might also recommend anti-inflammatory medications and chiropractic care.

Residents of the Denver area who suffer from back injuries are invited to explore their treatment options at SpineOne. Our team of back specialists offers customized treatment plans to suit your unique needs. Give us a call today at (888) 721-0459 and ask us about our physical therapy and chiropractic care services.


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