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How Your Psoas Muscle Affects Back Health

Last updated 4 years ago

The psoas muscle is a large muscle attached to your lower back vertebrae and the top of your femur. Responsible for hip and thigh flexion, your psoas muscle plays a critical role in the health of your back. A tight psoas muscle can affect your health and cause the following conditions:

Increased Susceptibility to Injury
When your psoas muscle is in a tight or contracted state, pressure is placed on the discs of the lumbar vertebrae, leading to degeneration. This degeneration makes you more susceptible to injury and can also result in a slipped disc. Regular exercise and proper nutrition can help prevent injury to your psoas muscle and your back.

Poor Posture
A tight psoas forces your lower back forward, causing hyper-lordosis. This means that instead of standing tall and upright, your pelvis tilts forward, resulting in poor posture. Symptoms associated with the psoas muscle may come in the form of groin pain, deep belly pain, or lower back pain. 

Inhibited Gluteal Activity
A tight psoas impacts the functionality of your glutes, leading to overcompensation in other back muscles, which can result in pain and tightness. Inhibited glute activity is typically the product of sitting for extended periods of time. When seated, the psoas muscle becomes short and tight while the gluteal muscles become long and weak. Other back muscles overcompensate for weakness in the glutes, increasing the potential for injury as the body relies on these muscles to perform an activity that requires the power of the glutes.

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