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Activities That Can Cause a Slipped Disc in Your Spine

Last updated 4 years ago

A slipped disc in your spine can be a painful, frustrating injury. This injury occurs when the connective tissue surrounding a spinal disc degenerates, forcing the soft part of the disc to swell. To prevent back pain and maintain your spinal health, make sure you are familiar with the common activities that can cause a slipped disc in your spine.

Body Movement
Improper lifting is one of the primary causes of a slipped disc, and it can be exacerbated by twisting or turning. Bending awkwardly can also result in a slipped disc. Preserve your spinal and back health by avoiding moving or lifting excessively heavy objects by yourself. If you must lift or move certain objects, be sure to use proper lifting techniques at all times, including at the workplace.

Lifestyle Factors
Several habitual lifestyle activities can put individuals at greater risk of experiencing a slipped disc. Being overweight puts strain on the back and spine, and may eventually cause a slipped disc. Similarly, smoking contributes to degeneration of discs, increasing the risk of a slipped disc and other back problems.

Extended Periods of Sitting
Sitting for extended periods of time, whether it’s at home on a couch or at work at a desk, can also cause back pain. When you are sitting, your lower back supports the top half of your body, putting strain on your lower back—especially if you are sitting in a position that makes it difficult for the back to properly do its job. Over time, this strain can result in not only back pain, but also disc degeneration, which can lead to a slipped disc.

For an assessment of your back pain and a variety of minimally invasive treatment options, contact SpineOne at (888) 721-0459. Located in Lone Tree, Colorado, our team of dedicated medical professionals are committed to helping you maintain your spinal health.


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