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Understanding the Complexities of Chronic Pain

Last updated 5 years ago

In many ways, chronic back pain can be more traumatic than the injury that caused it. While a sudden injury has an expected trajectory of healing, chronic back pain can become a frustrating prospect with no recovery in sight. The ability of chronic pain to ebb and flow over months or years makes it difficult for sufferers to decide whether they should seek treatment. If you have chronic back pain, the following information can help you better understand your condition.

Why Chronic Pain Occurs
Under some circumstances, chronic back pain stems from an initial injury. Car accidents, slip and fall incidents, and sports injuries can all lead to chronic pain. Some individuals may experience ongoing pain for less apparent reasons. In some cases, pain results from repetitive motions that gradually compromise the spinal column’s health. For instance, a job that requires heavy lifting on a daily basis may cause chronic pain. Chronic pain can also develop from no apparent cause at all, as is the case for many who sit at a desk for hours at a time.

What Chronic Pain Does to Sufferers
The primary effect of chronic pain is having to cope with ongoing discomfort. This discomfort can have other repercussions as well. The constant battle against chronic back pain can leave sufferers depressed or withdrawn. It may impact other physical aspects as well; studies have found that ongoing pain may adversely affect a person’s immune system.

How Chronic Pain Can Be Treated
No matter its cause, chronic pain can be successfully managed. A back specialist has at his disposal a diverse array of treatment options that can provide lasting relief for back pain. From joint injections and nerve blocks, to disc decompression and vertebral augmentation, multiple pain management techniques are available for those who require medical intervention for their chronic back pain.

Let SpineOne help you conquer your chronic pain issues. Our team of back specialists has the compassion and abilities necessary to effectively relieve your ongoing back or neck pain. For more information on the services that our Denver facility provides, call (888) 721-0459.


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