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Understanding the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Last updated 5 years ago

Massage therapy is an ancient medical practice that continues today. Deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy that has been shown to successfully manage chronic pain and promote healing. This form of slow, strong massage penetrates deeply into the muscles and has a wide range of applications for both acute and chronic conditions.

Improves Circulation

Deep tissue massage work improves circulation and reduces blood pressure for improved health. It also encourages lymphatic system drainage and circulation to boost your natural immune response and healing. Massage promotes relaxation of the body and mind, easing tension and relieving physical and emotional stress. All of these factors contribute to the reduction of inflammation, which is commonly-associated with both acute and chronic pain.

Treats Injured Muscles

Injured muscle fibers can become twisted and painful, forming “knots.” Inflammation and poor circulation causes toxins build up inside muscle tissue, causing further pain and preventing effective healing. Deep tissue massage specifically addresses these problems by targeting injured muscles, working out these knows to promote drainage of toxins and healing of damaged tissues. Strokes are used to relax the muscles, releasing inherent tension and significantly improving pain due to spasms or stress.

Improves Range of Motion

Scar tissue often results as part of the healing process, whether following an injury or a surgical procedure. This tissue can restrict movement and reduce flexibility, causing stiffness and pain of the back and neck. During the course of deep tissue massage therapy, increased lymphatic circulation works to break up old scar tissue and prevent areas of future formation. Over time, this improves overall flexibility and mobility in the affected areas.

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