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A Look at the Different Types of Spinal Stenosis

Last updated 5 years ago

The spinal column is a delicate balance of nerves and bone structures that together provide the body with support and sensory function. This balance can be upset when the vertebrae impede upon the spinal cord and its nerve extensions. This problem is generally referred to as spinal stenosis, and can cause considerable back pain for sufferers. As the following conditions indicate, spinal stenosis can affect people in several different ways.

What Is Central Stenosis?

As the spinal cord terminates at the lower back, multiple nerves branch out. When the vertebral column comes in contact with these nerves, it can produce pain and numbness in the lumbar region and lower limbs. Back specialists typically refer to this condition as central stenosis.

Can Central Spinal Stenosis Lead To Bigger Problems?

Intervertebral discs can also block the spinal nerves. This blockage often takes place just above the lowest lumbar area. Complicating this problem is the overgrowth of nearby ligaments, which can also prevent area nerves from sending and receiving unimpeded signals. Central spinal stenosis, like central stenosis, can lead to ongoing lower back pain.

What Is Far Lateral Stenosis?

Bony spurs that grow on the vertebrae can frequently contribute to spinal stenosis. These spurs can press upon exiting nerve structures, hampering their normal function and prompting back pain. This condition is called far lateral stenosis and may also be caused by bulging intervertebral discs.

Can Lateral Spinal Stenosis Lead To Sciatica?

The most frequent type of spinal stenosis occurs when bony spurs prevent spinal nerves from exiting the vertebral openings. Lateral spinal stenosis commonly develops in the lumbar region and may prompt secondary medical issues such as sciatica.

SpineOne offers a range of treatment options for spinal stenosis, including both non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures.

SpineOne provides comprehensive neck and back pain solutions for residents in the greater Denver, Highlands Ranch, and Lone Tree communities.  To make an appointment with a SpineOne back specialist, call (888) 721-0459.


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