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The Patient's Guide to IDET

Last updated 5 years ago

If the nerve fibers contained within one of your spinal discs begin to grow past their normal location in the outer disc layers, they may extend into the interior surface of the disc. This excess nerve fiber growth can actually lead to the destruction of the outer layers of your spinal disc and irritate your spinal nerves. If the spinal nerves in these outer layers become irritated, you may begin to experience chronic lower back pain. Intradiscal electrothermic therapy (IDET) is a minimally invasive treatment that may be able to help you alleviate these painful sensations.  

IDET uses heat to target excess nerve fibers

During IDET treatment, a doctor inserts a hollow needle with a flexible tube and a heating agent into the damaged spinal disc. The heat allows the doctor to destroy the excess nerve fibers, repair any tears, and strengthen the outer tissue of the damaged spinal disc. After the needle is removed, the doctor will inject antibiotics into the treatment area in order to prevent spinal disc infection.

IDET requires a recovery period

The pain relief benefits provided by IDET are not immediately apparent. Some patients experience an increase in pain in the first couple of days following the procedure. In order for patients to recover effectively, they must undergo physical therapy and slowly incorporate certain kinds of stretches and exercises into their daily routines.

IDET helps certain kinds of chronic back pain patients

You may be a good candidate for IDET if you have experienced persistent lower back pain for a period of three to six months, are over the age of 18, and don’t have severe disc degeneration. Your doctor will be able to use a discography test to pinpoint the cause of your pain and determine whether IDET is an appropriate treatment option. 

To learn more about IDET, schedule an appointment with SpineOne of Denver. Since 2000, we have been a premier spinal care center in the Colorado area. You can reach our office by calling (888) 721-0459.


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