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The Role Your Office Chair May Play In Your Back Pain

Last updated 6 years ago

If you’re sitting at your computer right now reading this, you may be doing more damage to your back than you would be lifting heavy furniture. How can sitting still be so dangerous to your back? An office chair that doesn’t offer adequate support will leave you slumped over your desk, putting increased pressure on your spine. Here is a look at why your office chair matters so much when it comes to your spinal health and what you can do to ensure that your daily activities aren’t causing you pain.

Office Chairs and Back Pain
These days, working often means sitting in front of a computer for hours. If your chair doesn’t support your lower back and arms, you’re bound to start slumping over in the seat and leaning into your computer screen. This common seated posture is a nightmare for your back. It strains your spine from your neck to the base of your back. Your ligaments begin to stretch out and put too much pressure on your spinal discs. The compression of your spine can also cause pinched nerves and back or neck pain.


Office Chair Safety
An ergonomically-designed office chair can prevent back pain by forcing you to sit up straight and reducing pressure on your spine. However, simply switching to an ergonomic chair won’t eliminate your back pain. You will have to adjust the chair to ensure that it provides the individualized support you need. Be sure that you can sit close to your desk so that your upper arms and spine are parallel. Your lower back should be pressed firmly against the back of the chair, and adding a lumbar cushion can provide extra support and help you resist slouching. Your arm rests should lift your shoulders slightly to reduce strain on your neck.

Back pain and neck pain can make work unbearable. SpineOne can get you out of pain and help you learn techniques to prevent work-related back and neck issues in the future. Make an appointment today by calling (303) 367-2225.


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