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The Value of Motion to Your Spine

Last updated 5 years ago

When you’re dealing with back pain or neck pain, moving around may be the last thing you want to do. In fact, many back pain sufferers become adept at staying still and isolating the area of pain to keep it stationary. However, this habit can actually worsen the pain and lead to additional problems. Here are some of the ways that motion helps keep your spine healthy:

Injury Protection
Why are some people prone to back pain while others can perform the same activities without any problems? In many cases, the answer comes down to how protected their spines are. When you stay active, you build up the muscles in your back that surround your spine. These muscles offer protection for your spine, so your risk of injuring your back is greatly reduced.

Flexibility Promotion
When your spine doesn’t move, it becomes more rigid. This reduced flexibility leaves you prone to injury when you need to bend your back. Spine flexibility helps ensure that you can move without overstraining yourself and can help keep back pain at bay.

Pain Reduction
It’s normal to avoid moving your back and neck when you’re in pain. However, the more you avoid moving a certain way, the worse you actually make the condition of your back. The lack of motion only makes the affected area stiffer, and your protective muscles will begin to deteriorate, leaving your back vulnerable to injury. Furthermore, when you avoid moving a certain part of your back or neck, another part of your spine will have to move in an unnatural way. The increased strain could cause injury to that area, leaving you in even more discomfort.To beat back pain and prevent future flare-ups, get moving!

At SpineOne, we can show you how to safely move your spine, even if you are coping with back pain or neck issues. Call us at (303) 367-2225 to learn more about the importance of motion for your back health and let one of our spine specialists show you safe movements for your back.


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