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What Sleeping Posture Has to Do with Spinal Health

Last updated 6 years ago

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your general health. However, when it comes to your spinal health, how you sleep is just as important as how long you sleep. The wrong sleeping posture will leave you with back pain and neck pain and could actually do lasting damage to your spine. Here’s how to get the rest you need without hurting your spine:

Neck Support
If your neck doesn’t have proper support when you sleep, your cervical spine is at risk. Don’t sleep on a stack of pillows so that your neck is tilted upwards as you sleep. Make an effort to not allow your head to drop off the back of your pillow, forcing your neck downwards. Use a pillow that gives you a comfortable amount of support without pushing your neck dramatically in any one direction. The more you can keep your spine in alignment as you sleep, the less you will experience back pain and spinal disorders related to your sleeping position.

Side Sleeping
Sleeping on your side is the most ideal position for spinal health. It helps keep the spine straight and aligned. Sleeping on your back or your stomach can place too much pressure on your spine and push it out of alignment, which can cause lower back pain and neck pain.

Under-Knee Pillows
Using a pillow to support your knees can also help keep your spine aligned. Placing a pillow between your knees as you sleep on your side takes the pressure of your sciatic nerve, a major lower back pain trigger. If you do sleep on your back, placing a pillow under your knees will give you some lift to keep your spine straight, which will also help you avoid lower back pain.

Let the back specialists at SpineOne help you adjust your sleeping position for your spinal health. If you’re already experiencing back pain or neck pain, our physical therapy can help you find relief. Call us at (303) 367-2225 to schedule an appointment and let us help you protect your spine and manage your back or neck pain.


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