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How Spinal Cord Stimulator Placement Works

Last updated 6 years ago

Pain that persists for a period longer than three months is referred to as chronic pain, and it can require a more involved treatment plan to manage than acute pain with a direct cause. Chronic pain may be present for a number of reasons, including injuries that have not healed properly and degenerative conditions in which the damage to spinal tissue progressively worsens.

Pain medication has limitations in its effectiveness for chronic pain, as higher doses are required periodically to keep the medicine working. Therefore, other ways of eliminating pain signals to the brain need to be implemented for chronic pain management. Spinal cord stimulators are a long-term pain management option that may be right for you.

Trial period of the stimulator:
Once your doctor has evaluated and approved your candidacy for spinal cord stimulation, you will have a temporary trial period to see if the treatment will be right for your needs. The stimulator works by generating electrical signals that periodically block pain signals in the spinal cord. Temporary stimulators may have external controls to monitor these signals, but permanent treatment devices will be fully implanted.

Permanent implantation:
After a successful trial with the temporary stimulator, a permanent model will be implanted into the epidural space using minimally invasive surgical techniques. The stimulator will continue to deliver electrical signals to reduce your pain according to the programmed instructions from your physician. The stimulator can be turned off or removed at any time, which allows your treatment options to remain flexible as your condition changes.

Ongoing healing:
As recovery from surgery continues, patients report that there are minimal pain sensations. This treatment promotes continued healing, as it is effective for controlling pain that previously inhibited recovery.

Learn more about spinal cord stimulation and other minimally invasive surgical options for back pain relief with the treatment experts here at SpineOne. We offer comprehensive back pain care for patients in the greater Denver area. Schedule a consultation to discuss your needs for treatment by calling (303) 367-2225 or by visiting our website.


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