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4 Common Causes of Spinal Injuries

Last updated 6 years ago

Your back and spine are sturdy structures, but spinal injuries can happen suddenly and have a variety of causes. Spinal injuries can result in chronic or debilitating pain if not addressed, so keep reading to learn more about common causes of injury and pain in the spine.

Physical Activities
Even when care is taken, sports can result in a number of different spinal injuries. Contact sports such as football or hockey put players at risk when they are checked, tackled, or hit, but many other physical activities can cause spinal injury as well. It is important to stretch before and after any sport or physical activity and immediately stop the activity if a back injury is suspected.

Accidents, such as car and motorcycle crashes, can result in significant injury to the back and spine. Even riders who take a seemingly minor spill from their bicycles can injure their spine if they land improperly. Some of these risks can be mitigated by wearing a seatbelt whenever riding in a car and remaining aware of your surroundings while driving, walking, or riding on roads.

Muscle Strain
A common cause of back and spinal injuries is muscle strain from improper movement or twisting. Muscle strain can result from spending long hours in a hunched or otherwise improper posture, and even from simply sitting or standing for too long. Practicing proper posture, avoiding lifting or moving objects that are too heavy, and taking breaks to sit, stand, or walk can help lessen the risk of spinal injury through muscle strain.

Repetitive Motions
The back is especially vulnerable to repetitive motion injuries from pulling, reaching, twisting, and bending. All of these motions play a part in weakening the structure of the spine, which is then put at higher risk for serious injury when it cannot handle further stress.

If you’ve suffered from a spinal injury, the back specialists at SpineOne can help you on the road to recovery. Visit us on the web or call (303) 367-2225 today for more information on how we can help you.


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