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Suffering from a Pain in the Neck? Here's How SpineOne Can Help!

Last updated 6 years ago

Neck pain is a problem that has a variety of potential sources, from sleeping in the wrong position to repetitive injuries occurring over an extended period. Depending on the cause of your pain, you may also experience stiffness, immobility, numbness throughout the upper extremities, and headaches. Your doctor will work closely with you to relieve all of your cervical spine-related symptoms using one or more of the treatment options below:

  • Minimally invasive surgery: Neck pain that is sourced from physiological protrusions putting pressure on the nerves is a common problem in adult patients. Most often, the issue is disc herniation or tearing, but narrowing of the spinal column within the upper spine and bone spurs can also lead to pain. There are several minimally invasive surgical techniques to remove these types of damaged tissue and restore the health of the spine. Minimally invasive surgery requires little downtime and is relatively painless for the patient.
  • Chiropractic care: Manipulating the spine by applying targeted pressure to the joints is a highly conservative form of pain management that often assists in the success of physical therapy while reducing the need for narcotic medication. Chiropractic adjustments are administered over time to continually improve the structure of the neck.
  • Massage therapy: When soft tissues of the neck become injured, they need time to heal using the body’s own recovery mechanisms. This process can be accelerated with massage that stimulates blood flow to the area so that muscles and connective tissues can repair themselves. Deep tissue techniques are used in medical massage so that specific areas can be targeted.
  • Epidural spinal injections: Severe and chronic neck pain may require the relief provided by steroidal injections in the cervical spine. This type of medication lasts for several weeks, and it works by reducing inflammation in the area so the nerves are under reduced pressure.

Find the right treatment for your neck pain by scheduling a consultation with SpineOne at (303) 367-2225. We offer the latest technology for the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions of the spine.


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