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How Can Endoscopic Decompression Help Your Back Pain?

Last updated 6 years ago

In the past, treatment for severe conditions of the intervertebral discs was limited to open back surgery. This procedure does not offer a high success rate, and it requires a long period of recovery. Now there are many minimally invasive procedures available to relieve pain in the spine without large incisions, surgical complications, or the presence of scar tissue. Endoscopic decompression is one such procedure that works to relieve pressure on the nerves caused by herniated discs. Here are the steps to this highly advanced treatment solution:

  1. A hollow tube is inserted through a small incision. Instead of reaching the problem site by excising muscle and other soft tissues, endoscopic decompression uses highly specialized tools guided through a tube placed in the back. A camera is used, in conjunction with x-rays, so the doctor can accurately view the surgical site.  
  2. Sections of disc material are removed. The surgeon cuts away parts of the disc to relieve pressure on the nerves in the area.
  3. A laser is used to shrink the remaining disc tissue. Highly concentrated light energy helps to further decompress the disc by burning away inflamed tissue while preserving the external structure of the disc. After the disc has been treated, a small bandage is placed over the incision site.

Benefits of the procedure
Unlike traditional back surgery, endoscopic decompression only requires about 40 minutes of operating time. Relief is almost immediate, as the nerves are freed from irritation. Since bleeding is highly reduced with this surgical method, there is a low risk for complications. Pain and recovery that have formerly been associated with back surgery are not present with this procedure because no muscle tissue needs to be removed.

Find out if endoscopic decompression is right for you at SpineOne. Schedule a consultation to discuss your back pain by calling (303) 367-2225 or visiting our website. 



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