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The Spine: Key to Overall Health

Last updated 6 years ago

The spine is more than simply bones. It is an intricate structure designed to support the standing weight of the human body. In addition to 30 vertebrae separated by spongy shock absorbing discs, the spine is home to soft tissues like ligaments and muscles that allow the body to move in any direction. This structure is designed in part to allow humans to walk, stand, and sit, but it is also specifically shaped to protect the spinal cord—the center of the nervous system.

How the Nervous System Works

The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord; it produces messages that travel to peripheral receptors throughout the body. Involuntary muscle movement, cell production, and even emotional responses are all triggered by electrical signals sent through the nervous system. The nerves also signal hormone production in the endocrine system, which signals needs in the form of sex drive, hunger, and thirst. When structures of the spine are causing irritation to the spinal cord, signals may be blocked or false stress signals may cause parts of the body to malfunction.

The Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Aside from conditions affecting the nervous system, the spine also plays a critical role in musculoskeletal health. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself in shape to maintain the health of the spine. There are muscles deeply embedded in the body attached directly to the spine. When you regularly stretch and exercise, these muscles are less prone to painful injury, making them stronger and more supportive of the hard structures in the back. A good posture will help maintain all the rigid structures of your skeletal system while supporting the soft connective tissues.

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